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Seagrape is a global community of babes with a mission to help you transform self-care into a love affair. Through education, handmade tools, and a network of resources we cultivate a sacred space for you to experience your pleasure, personal power, and magic. We are so glad you've found your way here! 


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Do you ever...

  • Wish you had a witchy community that had your back?
  • Wish you had a place to go to research self-care and ritual? A place to ask questions, learn, and support other babes.
  • Wish you had a hub of encouragement, tips, videos, and discussion to help you lean into pleasure and self-care more? 
  • Wish you could find likeminded people for a meet up, moon circle, or specific ancestral practice work? 
  • Wish you could have tea with Maria, the owner of Seagrape?!

Well, you're in luck because all of this and mores come with being a part of the Seagrape Community!!


Introducing: Seagrape Babes

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Every month will have a juicy theme we'll dive into with prompts, videos, and discussions

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Practical self-care & magical shares

Practical videos, recipes, blog posts and more!

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An amazing way to connect in person and digitally.

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Full access to archives

Past blog posts, videos, tutorials, recipes, and discussion groups

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Community of BABES

A virtual powerhouse community of magical and caring babes!


Welcome to the Seagrape Community, babes!

I am so glad you found your way here. As the instigator and visionary of this Magical creation it is my mission to help you turn self-care into a love affair and to transform ritual into a pleasure filled practice for personal growth and empowerment. Just a short while ago I couldn’t even remember what stirred desire in my belly so I set out to find the juicy parts of life I was missing. The disconnect from my own Pleasure caused a ripple effect throughout my life that affected my art practice, relationships, creative spark, and genuine rest. Seagrape helped pull me from this stagnant place and infuse my life and practice with simple pleasures, luscious experiences, and most importantly the space I needed to grow.
This Community is here to help you step into your power, take up space, and be the POWERHOUSE babe that you are!  If you’re new to tending your flame, or if you’re simply here to re-ignite it, you are in the right place- I can’t wait to watch you grow.
Thank you for the opportunity to let me witness your journey and expand in pleasure and community with you!

- Maria, Founder & CEO